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„In this edition of Radio Muse, Indie-Re you will get to know a festival in Upper Austria, called “Klangfestival Gallneukirchen”. Due to the Covid19-pandemic the festival couldn’t take place in September 2020, so the initiative around the festival called “Klangfolger” developed a creative idea how to let it happen in a different way. They released a beautiful 5-CD compilation called “Klangfestival Remote” with recordings from 56 artists, who played in the last couple of years at the festival. 

I interviewed Thomas Auer, he is one of the many organizers of the festival and he told me about the idea behind their compilation project as well as the festival itself. 

Our conversation will be accompanied by music from the “Klangfestival Remote” compilation, so you will get to know in this radio show music from different Austrian bands and artists ranging from experimental electronic music, punkish songs, to instrumental pieces and more.“

Auf Youtube gibt es drei Videos zum neuen Album „Elektron“ der Band „Brennstein“. Ich bin mit meinen Paetzold-Bassblockflöten auch dabei. Es spielen noch Martin Gut (komp, git, st), Gabi Teufner (fl), Dietmar Schrödl (e-git), Günther Gessert (marxophon). Gefilmt wurde im ehemaligen Forum Kino in St. Pölten im Mai 2020.